The problem of lack of provision

Do you consider yourself a person who is not willing to do tasks, however simple they may be? Does the fact that you have to go to the market, do the dishes or even go out with friends makes you uncomfortable?

Do you sometimes wake up unwilling to face the difficulties of everyday life, whether in college or at work? If you have identified yourself be calm, feeling lazy sometimes is absolutely normal, even more so with the routine that we are obliged to have from an early age, however, if it is something that repeats daily for a long time, it may be a sign that something is not working properly, so we separated some tips to help you.

1) Channel your energies into what really needs to be done and not just what is enjoyable.

2) Do not think about the pains of the course, think about the motivation and the results that can be achieved.

3) Understand that no one but you is responsible for your problems, you should try to solve them as difficult as they seem to be.

4) Make it easy to stay easy and wrong to be difficult, avoid things or people that facilitate your failure.

5) Organize your time with a timeline and set goals to be achieved.

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