Many ancient peoples thoroughly studied the human body, and discovered various ways of caring for it, through different techniques aimed at their well-being, healing and maintenance. Preserving health has always been a stubbornness of our ancestors, several cultures have dedicated themselves to know the secrets of our body in depth. Many ancient and very functional therapeutic techniques are practiced until nowadays in all parts of the world, as they provide a better quality of life, help to improve health and well-being. The Egyptians were one of the people who contributed most in these studies, and ended up leaving a very interesting medical legacy for humanity. The Egyptians were fascinated by the aromas, colors and essences, and ended up producing techniques, procedures and various products, which were made based on plants, roots, fruits, seeds and other natural organic materials. One of these legacies left by the Egyptians, nowadays is known as aromatherapy, a therapeutic method that uses essential oils aroma to bring physical and emotional well-being. It is very interesting because it reveals that there are links between smell and feelings, our brain reacts to aromatic properties, modifying mood or mood, as well as providing relaxation. The essential oils used in aromatherapy, are made from medicinal plants and have therapeutic effects. Nowadays this technique has been much sought after all over the world, and here in Brazil, it has also received special attention, and can be performed very easily, in all Brazilian states, in various clinics and centers of body activities therapies. For those who like to enjoy spas, aromatherapy can also be found in these therapeutic environments, it is a very important technique for people’s health, and it should be highly valued. Each person should perform a physical and psychological assessment before starting treatment, after which the chosen oils should benefit not only the physique that is often only responding to psychological or emotional problems. If you seek a therapeutic activity that is different and provides great well-being to your body and mind, practice aromatherapy.

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