Many techniques, procedures, and products that we use today to maintain, heal, and preserve our health and well-being come from the studies and experiments of many ancient peoples, and can be found in all parts of the world, body and mind. The Chinese have always been very collaborative to medicine, anywhere in the world the traditional Chinese medicine is much worshiped, reaching people of various beliefs and races. Their efforts to know the human anatomy have been well rewarded, they have created several treatments that improve our quality of life to this day. One of the great legacies of this people to the world for medicine, auriculotherapy, where the study done in the ears, is the main focus to diagnose, prevent and treat health problems, whether physical, psychic or emotional, through certain points in the ears, so-called atrial points. To stimulate these points, lasers, needles, seeds or other metallic or magnetic objects are used. Auriculotherapy is an excellent therapeutic technique, which can be found anywhere in Brazil, in appropriate places and that act excellent professionals of this art. It can be performed on people of various ages, and it benefits our bodies in different ways, being a very complete therapeutic technique. The practice of auriculotherapy, in addition to being extremely relaxing, is very much sought after for various health ailments, for example to alleviate symptoms related to health problems such as chronic pain, to relieve acute pain, to aid in the treatment of depression, to treat anxiety, to aid in the treatment of psychological crises, addictions and obesity. In addition, auriculotherapy is used to treat migraine, insomnia, muscle tension, among others. The constant practice of auriculotherapy improves a person’s energy, reducing from physical to psychological fatigue, besides contributing to treatments of physical and psychological conditions. The effects of auriculotherapy are very wide, it is a healthy method to lose weight, without offering any side effect. If you are looking for an efficient way to take care of and treat your health, look for a good auriculotherapy professional.

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